RGJ Band & Bugles

2015 Reunion Report


The 2015 reunion was held, as in previous years, at The Winchester Club, on Saturday 10th October commencing at 12 noon.

The secretary, Dave Timms, again made a big effort to arrive at the clubroom before reunion attendees and members of the Waterloo Band - but yet again he was too late. Ex-members and Waterloo members were again inside and outside the club awaiting his arrival. 

The secretary eventually set himself up (with the help of Jon Windeatt) at the entrance, opened the books and started to sign-in members and guests - all this WITHOUT having to stave off the usual tremendous headache of previous years.

Some new faces in attendance this year from the Light Division - Peninsula Band - Light Infantry and four serving members from the band of The Rifles.

The Waterloo Band provided the dots (music) and music stands, along with a few musician’s for the annual blow, and along with ex-members and a few from The Rifles Band the blow got going at approximately 12:30. Conducting this year where Peter Connibear (ex-Depot Bandmaster) and Jack Leeming (ex-3 RGJ Bandmaster). A good selection of music was played this year: Amparito Roca, The Dambusters, Ballet Egyptian, Jersey Boys, Irving Berlin Showstoppers, Calling All Workers, Beguine Festival, Bandology, and with the high turnout of buglers (again) High On A Hill plus a few well known Band & Bugle marches were performed. The Regimental Marches where ‘busked’ (and some missed out) at the end, which concluded the annual blow - all had a jolly good time….. and a laugh. 

The annual ‘blow’ over, it was then time to draw the raffle. This year there were more prizes on offer and looked like an endless supply. The tickets where drawn whilst lunch was being served so as to save time. Thank you to those that donated raffle prizes - the majority of which were sourced by Tony Dowd - who again organized this. A very big thank you to him.

Lunch consisted of: Chicken & Chips, Bangers an Mash, beans and peas, followed by apple pie or cheesecake. This gave members the opportunity to soak up the 3 or 4 hours worth of John Smiths already consumed before starting over again.

Following lunch the secretary gave his ‘Annual Sermon’ taking the opportunity to thank everyone for attending the reunion, and a warm welcome was extended to the new members joining for the first time this year. Special thanks were given to members of the Waterloo Band and Bugles for their selfless efforts, despite being very busy with their own engagements [helping out with the Salamanca Band and performing at the rugby the following day]. The manageress and staff of The Winchester Club were also thanked and congratulated on looking after us – with liquid refreshment and the fantastic buffet. 


NEXT YEAR - 2016

2016 will be the 50th Anniversary of the forming of The Royal Green Jackets, and to mark the occasion there will be a “Veterans Day” held on Saturday 9th July in Winchester. It will be a family day/afternoon. Gates open at 12:30 – Bar Closes 01:00. During the course of the afternoon re-enactments will be taking place. There will be stalls, beer tent, food tents, Marching Bands and much more – Please keep an eye on the RGJ Association website and the RGJ Band & Bugles website and Facebook Group for more details nearer the time (March-April).

DRESS CODE:  to be smart casual – NO shorts or flip-flops

There will be a number of Bands taking part, including the Band & Bugles of The Rifles and the Quirinus Band & Bugle Corps (QBBC). For those that are not familiar with the name - they are a German civilian band and bugles led by an ex-Green Jacket/Light Infantry bandsman, who have adopted the Green Jacket style - from the Shako right down to the George boots. They are very good - take a look on YouTube if you haven’t already.

Also, DO NOT forget Horse Guards next year 2/3 June 2016


Since our 2014 reunion I have been informed that the following members are no longer with us


Robert Williams -- 2 RGJ Band

3 June 2014 

Pat Walsh --1 RGJ Bugler

26 Dec 2014

Dave Scott -- 1 RGJ Band

27 Jan 2015

Steve Chapman -- 1 RGJ Bugle Major

17 May 2015

Steve Poole -- 1 RGJ Band

19 June 2015

Frank Cutler -- 2 RGJ Band

23 July 2015

A toast to absent friends preceded a moment’s silence



The next RGJ Band & Bugles reunion will take place on Saturday 8th October 2016please make a note on the fridge/diary/ and in your head

What the secretary forgot to mention – and it will be published on the Band web site and Facebook page, is the following:

“Because of the unacceptable number of ex-members/guests indicating their intention to attend the reunion, ordering food and then failing to attend - without notice. I will, from now on, need to have payment up front. 

For those members in attendance, but didn’t notice, there were 30 plus chicken portions left, and a lot of apple pie”

Next years menu will consist of:

Chicken Curry (Hot or Very Hot) and bits

Steak & Kidney Pie an Chips (Mash)

Apple Pie & Custard

Mixed Fruit Salad & Ice Cream/Cream


The online Return Form will be active from beginning of February 2016



Saturday 8th October 2016

Regents Park 2015


2015 was the 33rd Anniversary and was well represented by Association members, ex-Band members and others. After meeting for a chat and a cuppa in/at the Café we all wondered down to the Bandstand where a small wreath laying service was conducted by Paddy Procto. The laying of the wreaths was followed by the sounding of the Last Post and Reveille – performed by Bugler Peter Tresadern.

I would like to take this opportunity on behalf of myself, and ex-members of 1 RGJ Band, in thanking Paddy and Peter, also a big thank you to all those people in attendance. Thank you.

It was with great pleasure, for some of 1 RGJ Band, to meet up with Keith Powell (the late Keith “Cosey” Powell’s youngest son).

Keith felt that he could at last come down to Regents Park Bandstand and meet up with some of us and join in the days events. He had travelled down from his home in the North East the day before, so as not to be late.

It was also pre-arranged that Keiths late-fathers guitar would be presented/returned to him, by Clifford Mann - himself an ex-1RGJ band member - after being looked after for some 32 years by Cliff’s mother, this was a very moving moment in itself.

PLEASE NOTE  - in 2016 the London Branch of the RGJ Association will be attending the bandstand on the nearest Sunday to the 20th July, (17th July) we will still be there on the actual day, Wednesday 20th July (meet at 10:30-11:00am).



If your name is missing please inform the secretary - as you did not sign in and owe him £10


1 RGJ – Ox & Bucks

BALL, John                 BENTON, Len                         BOWEN, John              BRIGGS, Malcolm

BROCKMAN, John     BROWN, Bill                            BROWNE, Stephen     BUCKLAND, John        

CALLAGHAN, Dave    CHESTER, Dave                     CLIFFORD, Chris        COWAN, John               

DOWD, Tony               EATON, Mick                            EVANS, Terry              FARNDELL, Brian        

GREY, Don                  GREY, Fred                              HORNE, Doug            MANN, Clifford             

MOREY, John              MUNNIK, Peter                        PEET, Dave                 PENTITH, John           

PYSH, Roman             ROACH, Les                            SALSBURY, Graham    SALWAY, Ken               

SHEIL, Darryl              SLINN, Ray                              STUTT, Bernard            THOMPSON, Jack       

TIMMS, Dave              WEARING, Dave                     WESTON, Mick              WINDEATT, Jon

TOTAL = 36



AHMET, Mitch              BROWN, John             CANNON, Dave           CRAVEN, Brian

CUTLER, Tony             DOREY, Les                DUNNCAN, Ken           EAST, George

GILES, Keith                GOODWIN, Gary         HENDERSON, Ken      HENDERSON, Ken (Jnr)

HINDE, Ian                    HODGSON, Les         MARSH, Chris             MARSH, Tim

MARTIN, Kevin            NOBLE, Peter              PATRICK, John            RANDALL, Derek John

SPICER, Tom                THROWER, John

TOTAL = 22


3 RGJ – RB’s

ARNEY, Paul               BAILEY, Terry                        CALDWELL, Gorge     CULL, Tim

GLEDHILL, Bill            GOUDIE, Tom                       HAMER, Ian                HARDING, Ian

HELM, Bob                  HOOKINGS, Henry               JULL, Graham            MURFIN, Dave

LEEMING, Jack           LYMER, Tony                        MATHIESON, Bill        MORRIES, Antony

SEALEY, Roger           STRANGE, Roy                    SWANN, Ken              TRESADERN, Michael

TYLER, John               WEST, Ken                            KERLEY, Mike

TOTAL = 23



BETTS, Roger                                      CONNIBEAR, Peter                              MANN, Jackie

ROBERTS, Martin                                SALSBURY, Racheal                            SCOTT, Stanley

YOUNGER-SWORD, Craig                  BROWN, Mike                                      RIFLES, Band x 3

TOTAL = 11


(Not including Wives/Partners/Guests/etc)



1 RGJ – Ox & Bucks

Ayres              Alan

Bray                Clinton

Calcutt             Colin

Day                 Bob

Dennis             Norman

Downton         Roger

Elliott              Steve

Evans              Bob (Ernie)

Flower             Ivor

Forty               George

Gary                Peter

Hall                 Charlie

Hosking           Peter

Jackson           John

Kavanagh        Steve

Lamont            Peter

Lawrence         Paul

Little               David

Lynch              Ian

Miles               Sandy

Mitchell          John

Nelson             Paul

Pearce              Jim

Prime               Martin

Selley              Chris

Sumner            Mike

Todd               Alan

Williams          Bob

Wolfendale      Darren

Wolfendale      Colin

Total = 30


Andrews         Ray

Basset            Fred/Chris

Bond               Kevin

Cook               Ken

Cook               Keith

Curry              John

Donaldson       Don

Dulson            Gregory

Duncan            Roy

Evans              Keith

Halford            Bret

Hicks               Robert

Marshall          Leigh

Murphy           Michael

Nicol               Adrian

O'Shea            David

Pilgrim            Alan

Salmon           Laurence

Scarborough    Dave

Smith              Steve

Total = 20


3 RGJ – RB’s

Ambrose         Steve

Atherton         Malcolm

Bainbridge       Anthony

Blanchard        Ernie

Byrne              Shaun

Chadwick        John

Chapman         Keith

Cooke              David

Cross               Pete

De La Rue       Richard

Napier             John

Newman          Nick

Sanger              Mike

Shaw               Bryan

Thorne            Darryl

Toye               Tosh

Tresadern        Stuart

Tresadern        Peter

Turner             Paul

Wallis              Alan

Total = 20


Atchison         Mark

IllIngworth      Hannah

Swift               Roger

Rogers-Davis    John

Total = 4


If your name is missing please inform the secretary


Also if you know an Ex Band or Bugler who might be interested in joining us ask them to contact the secretary



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