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  2014 Reunion Report

The Bands & Bugles Branch of the RGJ Association held their annual reunion at The Winchester Club, Worthy Lane, Winchester on Saturday 11th October. In attendance were 104 plus members, (a few not signed in) plus approximately 40 guests that included one member of the Rifles Band and an Ex Li Bugler.  A list of member attendees and apologies follow on after this report. If your name is missing please let me know. 

The reunion kicked off (officially) at 12:00 noon, although some members were keeping the barman busy when I arrived at 11:20. So next year I will try arriving at 11:00.

We were pleased to see members of the Waterloo Band and Bugles again. They kindly bought along music stands and a selection of music for the ‘Annual Blow’, there where more ex members & partners taking part this year than before and the impromptu ‘concert’ lasted for a good 2 hours and was well received by all in attendance. Music played included the old favorite High On A Hill (not sure if I heard that 2 or 3 times?) and ended with the Regimental March.

The Winchester Club catering staff provided an excellent lunch, the delay in the sweet was due to a cook malfunction.

Following lunch the Secretary gave his annual sermon part of which was to thank members for using the on-line response/attendance and payment form, this was followed by a ‘Toast To Absent Friends’

All-in-all, a very good afternoon/weekend


The 2015 reunion will be held on Saturday 10th October, same venue as last year, the on line response form and bank payment facility will be open beginning of February.

The cost to you attending the reunion is still only £10 per head. This is REGARDLESS of your food requirements, music choice, and/or beer preference - it is still £10 per head

If you do not wish to pay £10 - Please send in your apologies

I have been in discussion with a few members about the lack of Light Division members (Peninsula – Normandy – Salamanca and Corunna)

In light of this I am sending out a few emails and letters enquiring if these ex-Band and Bugle members would like to join us next October. I am also enquiring to see if any of the old Light Infantry (prior to the Light Div) would like to join us as guest’s next year. I hope the above will meet with your approval if not - please let me know

I look forward to seeing you in the New Year, in the meantime….

Have a good Christmas and a very Happy New Year to you all

D Timms



1 RGJ – Ox & Bucks

BENTON, Len                 BOWEN, John                       BROWNE, Steve          BUCKLAND, John

CALLAGHAN, Dave      CHESTER, Dave                   CHRISTIE, Sam            CLIFFORD, Chris

DOWD, Tony                 DOWNTON, Roger                EATON, Mick               ELLIOTT, Steve

EVENS, Terry                GREY, Don                           GREY, Fred                 HALL, Charlie

HORNE, Doug              LITTLE, David                       MANN, Clifford            MITCHELL, John

MOREY, John                PEET, Dave                           PYSH, Roman              ROACH, Les

SALSBURY, Graham    SCOTT, Dave                       SHEIL, Darryl               SLINN, Ray

STUTT, Bernard            TIMMS, Dave                        WEARING, Dave          YATES, Paul

TOTAL = 32



AHMET, Mitch              BARWISE, Paul                        BROWN, John             BUMSTEAD, Tony

BURCH, Dave              CANNON, Dave                       CLARKE, James          CRAVEN, Brian

DONALDSON, Don      DUNCAN, Roy                         DUNCAN, Ken              EAST, George

GOODWIN, Gary         HENDERSON, Ken                   HENDERSON, Ken (Son)

HINDE, Ian                    HODGSON, Les                       KASALOVICK, Filip  (Kas)

KERLEY, Michael         LISTER, Peter                          MARSHALL, Leigh      MUNNICK, Peter

NOBLE, Pete                SALMON, Laurence                SCOTT, Stan   ##        SNARSKI, Kevin

SPICER, Tom                THROWER, John                     MARTIN,kevin              HANKINS, John

TOTAL = 30     ## Also of the Rifles Band


3 RGJ – RB’s

ARNEY, Paul                 BAILEY, Terry                       BISHOP, Anthony            CALDWELL, Gorge

CULL, Tim                      DIKOMITE, Mike                 ELLISON, Terry               FREEMANTLE, Kevin

GLEDHILL, William         HAMER, Ian                       HELM, Bob                       HOOKINGS, Henry

LANE, Bryan                 LYMER, Tony                        MATHIESON, Bill              MURFIN, Dave

NEWMAN, Nick              PASSEL, Peter                    RODGERS, Fred              SEALEY, Roger

SHAW, Ian                     SMAJE, Chris                       STOREY, Albert                STRANGE, Roy

SWANN, Ken                 THORNE, Darryl                  TRESADERN, Stuart        TRESADERN, Peter

ELFORD, Trevor            TRESADERN, Michael        TYLER, John                     WEST, Ken


TOTAL = 33







ALDRIDGE, Nigel         BETTS, Roger              BROWEN, Lister                      HOWARD, James

MANN, Jackie              ROBERTS, Martin        SALSBURY, Rachael STURDY, Kevin

TOTAL = 8 plus


GRAND TOTAL OF ATTENDEES = 104  (Not including Wives/Partners/Guests/etc)






This year the 32nd Memorial Service took place on Sunday 20th July; the weather was good to us - warm and slightly overcast.

Members of 1RGJ Band, the Regimental Association and civilians, meet at the inner circle café from1030 for the 1130 start.


There were approximately 50 people and one dog in attendance, we were honored with the presence the Rev’d Philip (Pip) Smith CD from 7 Rifles who led the short, yet swift service, and Bugle Major T McCann from the Waterloo Bugle’s, 7 Rifles.

The service went as follows, Prayers, Laying of Wreaths, The Last Post, then The Act of Remembrance (said by R Frost) a short silence then Reveille, this was followed by Prayers, a reading –The Rededication – then the Regimental Collect and a Blessing.


After the service Gary Driscoll organized a group photograph without a camera, but thanks to technology many photos where taken using mobile phones.


All done some said their farewells and headed for home, others ambled along to the pub for heavy refreshments. A good turn out and a good day, thank you for all those who made it, and to R frost, G Drisoll, T McCann and the Reverend Pip

The next Memorial “Gathering” will be on Monday 20th July – with a short service being held on Sunday 19th July (Contact G Driscoll London Branch) both meet at the café 1030 for 1130 start.



1 RGJ – Ox & Bucks

Ainge Tony

Boyton Des

Briggs Malcolm

Chapman Steve

Chatterton Brian

Cowan John

Cross Dave

Day Bob

Dennis Norman

Elliott John

Evans Ernie

Farndell Brian

Flower Ivor

Gary Peter

Jackson John

Kavanagh Steve

King Roger

Kneller Keith

Lamont Peter

Lawrence Paul

May Mick

Meek Clifford

Miles Sandy

Nelson Paul

Payne David

Pearce Jim

Poole Steve

Prime Martin

Robinson Terry (Robbo)

Selley Chris

Slack Andy

Todd Alan

Wells Mark

Williams Roger

Williams Bob

Windeatt Jon

Wolfendale Colin




Clarke James

Cook Keith

Curry John

Dorey Les

Fleming James

Giles Keith

Hicks Robert

Jones Steve

Kelly Brian-Niffty

Kerley Michael

Lockey John

Lockey Bob

Marsh Tim

Marsh Chris

Marshall Kevin

Mason Philip

McMahon Jimmy

Murphy Michael

O'Shea David

Patrick John

Smith Steve

Viney Ron



Boardman Gary

Gibbs Charles

Mann Jackie

McCann Terry



3 RGJ – RB’s

Ambrose Steve

Chadwick John

Cross Pete

De La Rue Richard

Goudie Tom

Harding Ian

Hazel Dave

Leeming Jack

Lymer Tony

Morris Antony

Napier John

Needham Brian (Bob)

Roberts Larry

Sanger Mike

Shaw Bryan

Shone Martin

Sims Bryan

Thompson Peter

Toye Tosh

Wallis Alan



Connibear Peter - Depot

Rogers-Davis John - Depot

Swift Roger – Lt Div



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