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The Opening March at the 2013 Band Reunion

A Tribute to those killed at Regents Park - by Black Dyke Brass Band

One of the most moving performances ever by the Black Dyke band conducted by the late Peter Parkes of George LLoyds In Memorium from Royal Parks dedicated to the Musicians killed and injured on 20th July 1982
On a bandstand in Regent's Park, the band of the Royal Green Jackets was giving a concert. As it played a medley from the musical 'Oliver' a bomb hidden beneath the stage exploded -- and the entire bandstand erupted. This is where a terrorist bomb planted underneath the bandstand at Regent's Park, London, exploded during a routine lunchtime concert by the 1st Batallion: Royal Green Jackets Band, killing seven musicians: WO2 (BSM) Graham Barker, Sgt Robert Livingstone, Cpl John R McKnight and Bandsmen John Heritage, George J Mesure, Keith Powell and Laurence Smith. 
Others were wounded, some very seriously,and when the Band regrouped five weeks later just nine men were present , headed by Bandmaster David Little.
It was the first of a season of lunchtime concerts for tourists and nearby office workers, four of whom were amongst the injured. In one bloody day, the Irish Republican Army once again brought its war against the English to England. 7 bandsmen died and 24 musicians and 4 civilians were injured.

Makers Of The Queen's Music - BBC 1969

The above is a BBC documentary made in 1969 at Kneller Hall & Pirbright.

Those on my course will remember the two lads who are featured

(it will open up in an external window - about 50 minutes long)

Another Kneller Hall documentary - in two parts

Part 1 - 1980

Part 2 - 1980

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